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Over the last few months, there is no doubt that the game has changed dramatically. Your ability to adapt and be agile is dependent on your direction, processes, and systems that drive your business. When you are running a business on basic or legacy ERP solutions, a change of direction may be what is needed to help you adapt.

Seven-day switch implementation model

We have launched our Seven Day Switch which offers a simple and effective roadmap to replacing your legacy ERP solution. How? By making the following promises and assurances.




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Key Legacy Challenges

With a basic or legacy system, you can face many challenges. From a technology viewpoint, this could be as simple as worrying about the platform your current ERP solutions runs on and the expense of keeping this up to date. Legacy ERP systems are typically propped up manual processes that require more effort and maintenance  day to day.  

With many legacy systems, the information within them may not always be accurate. Most reports will require some form of preparation before they can be used for your decision-making processes. Because of this, many business decisions are delayed or are potential missteps due to these limitations. 

Our Seven Day Switch will help you overcome the following challenges including; manual reporting, manual insights, siloed data, multiple Excel spreadsheets, manual processes, aging IT platforms, and no product growth platform. 

Customers want the latest ERP systems that can be implemented quickly with minimal disruption to their business

Many customers don’t want projects that run over months with endless project days. They want minimal disruption to their business. With our new Microsoft Business Central Seven Day Switch implementation model, we can help move you away from your legacy systems and switch towards a new cutting-edge, fully hosted ERP solution within Seven days.

From start to finish, we will work with you to provide a base solution that allows you to put data at the centre of your business, allowing you to improve reporting and insights and improve your business decision making processes.

We have a long history of helping customers move ERP solutions, and recognise that for some businesses, that the decision to move ERP solutions is sometimes delayed due to time, budget or investment constraints or simply not having enough resources internally to invest in a project.

To find out more about the full feature and functionality list, download our guide.

Our Guide

What the solution will do?

We understand that a long, drawn-out ERP project can be daunting, time-consuming and expensive, it puts many businesses off the process, and that’s why many are left stranded with legacy systems that are outdated and have not grown with your business. 

In order to refresh your ERP system, we have come up with a Seven Day Switch Methodology, allowing us to move you to Microsoft Business Central in just seven days. 

Our Seven Day Switch process with leave you with all the financial tools needed to run and report on your business effectively, while leaving you with a platform for growth. To ensure the switch is headache-free, we will take care of the hosting, making sure you don’t have to worry about the impact on your IT platform and you can focus on your business. 

The seven-day model not right for you?

Try our 10-day switch solution, which is ideal for companies with standard distribution requirements. To find out more about our full feature and functionality list, download our guide below.

Our guide

FAQ’s Section

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