IT Project Delivery

Xperience is here to make sure that your IT Project stays on track

IT Project Delivery

Xperience is here to make sure that your IT Project stays on track


Our expertise and years of experience managing IT projects means that we have proven methods to make sure that your project is a success.

Are you an SME looking for a dedicated IT partner to oversee a project or are you an IT Manager looking for help and additional skillsets and capabilities to work with your internal IT team with project support? If that is you, Xperience has specialist resources who can help ensure that your IT project is a success.

We work collaboratively with you to understand your objectives, your challenges and your vision and will work with you to create the ideal solution whilst managing risks and ensuring quality.


To ensure the successful outcome of your IT project, Xperience follows a proven 5 step project to make sure that you get the right outcomes.

  1. Initiation
    • Understand project requirements, objectives and outputs
    • Audit, reviews, research, workshop
  2. Planning
    • Develop and refine scope, quality schedule and costs
    • Plan procurement, risk management and integrations
    • Develop project plan including solutions architecture and required resources
    • Change management plan and resources planning
    • Development of projects planning
  3. Transition and Execution
    • Project approval
    • Procurement
    • Project Management
    • Commence execution
    • Track and manage project risks, issues and milestones throughout project
    • Measure the quality of deliverables
    • Track delays or blocks that impact timelines
    • Change management
    • Monitor costs
  4. Manage and Improve
    • Support new services
    • Monitoring
    • Remote Management
  5. Measure
    • Review other potential efficiencies
    • Ensure all objectives have been met
    • Project evaluation and reviews



Expertise: We are a highly experienced team with certified project managers who are passionate about delivering successful IT projects in line with your vision, budget and timeline.

Technical skills: We have an extensive range of technical skills, competencies and certifications along with decades of experience in delivering tangible results through the successful adoption and implementation of IT solutions. With Xperience, you gain access to experts across numerous fields including: Security, connectivity, productivity, collaboration and ERP/CRM.

Procurement: We work with technology and industry leaders and have built strong partnerships with them to make sure that our clients can benefit from those partnerships whether that is on cost, or resolving issues. Our team of dedicated client account managers can source and supply a vast range of hardware and software, from desktops and laptops to servers, storage appliances and more.

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