IT Strategy

We will create a future proof IT strategy that works for your business and vision

IT Strategy

We will create a future proof IT strategy that works for your business and vision


Working with you we will help you set out your vision for the future, and a direction of travel to help guide and steer decision making and deliver outcomes – all supported by the latest technology. We will look at the demands of the business, how IT will align and govern the strategic direction of the business and how IT services can be supplied to meet the business needs.

As businesses grow, they run at pace to keep up with business demand and more often than not changes are made without thinking about the long-term impact. Often these quick fixes can lead to a smorgasbord of systems, outdated and slow infrastructure and working with multiple suppliers where you can’t get a straight answer when you have a problem as each vendor blames the other for the fault. An IT strategy will help to put in place a roadmap for you to follow to help get your IT infrastructure in shape to allow your business to grow.

Creating an IT strategy and investing in technology can be risky. Costs can escalate and valuable resources can easily be consumed with project over runs if not managed correctly. That’s where Xperience steps in. We know because we have over 350 clients who have relied on us for Cloud and Managed IT. This depth of knowledge means that we can help our clients develop a future proof strategy for their business.


When looking at strategy you need to understand the why, what, who, when and where. These questions are fundamental to ensuring that we deliver a strategy that works for you, so we’ll work with you to understand:

Where are we now?

  • What are the business aspirations as well as the short, medium & long-term goals?
  • What does the current hardware and software environment look like?
  • What are your challenges, risks, worries and pain points?
  • Tell us about your key business processes

Where do you want to be?

  • What do you want to achieve and within what time frame?
  • How would you prioritise your ambitions and requirements?
  • What does success look like?

How are we going to get there?

  • What processes, procedures, systems or technologies do we need to utilise?
  • Which key partners or suppliers do we need to help us get there?
  • Develop a comprehensive information technology strategy
  • Map out your digital transformation journey


To ensure the successful outcome of your IT project, Xperience follows a proven four step project to make sure that you get the right outcomes.

  1. Plan

    • Identify key stakeholders and approval process
    • Identify business requirements, objectives, vision and business pain points
    • Agree target dates and schedules
  2. Discovery

    • Engage business and IT stakeholders
    • Map out current-state IT landscape across financial, customer, application, data, infrastructure, IT org
    • Run series of workshops and interviews
  3. Analyse and Envision

    • Map the future state
    • Undertake gap analysis of current to future state – your road map
    • Create program plan and financial forecast for investment
  4. Agree and Execute

    • Create report, road maps, presentations
    • Payback strategy internally and review and adjust
    • Sign off
    • Xperience can manage for you or alternatively your partner or internal team

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