Launching the All New Sage 50 Accounts

This is the most innovative edition yet, enabling businesses to grow and scale up their software for improved productivity.

There are two main problems that have been addressed within the New Sage 50 edition, navigation and performance. The aim was to modernise the software with three core features in mind usability, scalability and collaboration. It also addresses business technology trends that are beginning to reshape our economy, as mentioned in our previous blog post.

Find out about all the new features here.

Time is of the essence

Businesses are in a race to become unique thought-leaders within their niche market, building a community around them that will support their brand. In order to increase efficiency, Sage has developed the new edition, version 21, to be twice as quick as its predecessor, with the ability to complete tasks within 1-2 clicks.

How has it done that? By creating a customisable user interface to begin with. There is no point in a user having open function tabs that are not relevant to the tasks they do. It causes confusion, and information overload. So, now you can just remove them. Keeping or adding function tabs relevant to you. Simple!

Flourishing flexibility

There is power in people, which is why you can now have up to 20 users working simultaneously. This is up from the previous software that allowed up to 10 users, and means businesses can scale up without the worry of outgrowing their software.

With a growing workforce, it’s important to allow flexibility, as it is key to creating a happy and productive workforce. Not only that, but “Every employee now has the right to request flexible working hours after the government extended the right previously reserved for carers and those looking after children.”

Find out more about flexible working hours from this BBC article, here.

This may alarm some small to medium sized businesses, but it shouldn’t, not with advances in technology that allows people to work remotely. This is something that Sage has addressed within its new system, through the use of Sage Drive and two new mobile applications.

The ability to store data in the cloud via Sage Drive, allows employees to work while on the road or at home just as if they were in the office, and mobile apps give sales staff the ability to process orders remotely.

The Cloud Industry Forum states that “78 per cent of organisations [are] now consciously using Cloud services.” With the rate of companies adopting cloud based services increasing significantly in the last year, in order to keep up with customer and staff needs.

Product to service

Due to customer demand, this new edition has a subscription model available, which offers businesses an updated service rather than a product that requires upgrading. This means businesses can take advantage of regular updates, and manage their monthly payments more easily.

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