Jet Reports

Quickly and easily create any business report directly inside Excel

Jet Reports

Quickly and easily create any business report directly inside Excel

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Are You Still Wasting Time on Manual Reporting?

Are you spending too much time copying, pasting, and exporting data into Excel to get reports? We all know manual data processing is time-consuming, and with all of us error-prone, reports can be inaccurate, leading to bad decisions. Does this sound familiar?

  • All the data is in your system, but to build a custom, ad-hoc report you have to rely on your backlogged IT team to access it
  • Most users attempt to create their own reports by copying and pasting all the information into an Excel sheet – a slow and error-prone solution to the problem, riddled with inaccuracies
  • When your executive team wants answers, it’s up to you to provide them. The trouble is, when you have multiple data sources, companies, and locations to report on, manual data consolidation becomes a burden and risks the integrity of your data

Cut reporting time and costs in half with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Jet Reports

Jet Reports gives you the reports in the format you want, in an environment you are familiar with, without having to rely on valuable resources.  Designed specifically to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365, it is an out-of-the-box and advanced financial and business reporting solution inside of Excel and on the web allowing you to build reports and access your business data instantly. Benefits include:

    • No hard-coding required! Non-technical users can build ad-hoc reports and queries without programming skills
    • Easily create and modify real-time financial and operational reports in any format you need
    • Familiar Excel-based user interface for fast training and adoption
    • Collaborate, access, and run reports from any device
    • Schedule reports to run and distribute automatically
    • Never second guess a report version again with report management and automation
    • Improve visibility, sharing, and collaboration with self-service portal
    • Complete report portability from one version of Dynamics to the next

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Self-Service reporting for every user

Jet Reports leverages Excel to simplify report creation, streamline processes, and increase operational visibility within Microsoft Dynamics. Built to maximize productivity, you can get up and running with Jet Reports in less than a day, with:

  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Report Templates
  • Free-Form Report Formatting and Drag-and-Drop Design Directly in Excel
  • Automated Reporting and Scheduling
  • Multi-Company Consolidation and Multi-Database Reporting

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