Jet Reports – Complete Access to Accurate, Controlled Business Data, Anywhere

Jet is the leading reporting, analytical and budgeting solution for Microsoft Dynamics D365BC. Reports can be automated to eliminate human error and made available from anywhere in a familiar (Excel) and easy-to-use solution.

By using Jet you can ensure timely and reliable reports are delivered to key users no matter where they are working – without the need for a technical guru.

Reporting in a Familiar Environment

Jet allows you to quickly and easily design timely, accurate financial reports in the format that works for you, using the same fields and calculations you’re used to, right inside Excel. It gives you the real-time data you need, directly from your Microsoft Dynamics database, exactly the way you want it.

Never Second Guess Key Business Decisions Again

Your data shouldn’t live in a silo. Data should be at the heart pf your business and with complete report management, reporting automation, and a collaboration and publishing platform, you never have to second guess if you or your team are looking at the right information. Gain instant access to your reports on the web or from a mobile device, so you never second guess a decision, no matter where you are.

Build Budgets in a Fraction of the Time

Jet Budgets allows you to significantly reduce the time and resources required to complete a budgeting exercise company-wide with an intuitive, Excel, and web-based interface that automates checks and balances and controls the budget workflow. Easily see actual-to-budget to plan for accurate decision making through an Excel-based reporting platform that reduces redundant tasks and the risk of inaccuracy by eliminating error-prone copy, pasting, and exporting.

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