Managed IT Services

Access the latest technologies, supported by our team of experts across networking, security, server infrastructure and cloud computing.

Managed IT Services

Access the latest technologies, supported by our team of experts across networking, security, server infrastructure and cloud computing.

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Helping businesses become more resilient, more secure and more agile

As digital transformation accelerates, your business can only perform as well as your IT infrastructure. A high-performance, resilient, secure and flexible infrastructure not only helps you to adapt to change quickly, it allows you to securely enable hybrid working models and scale your business.

Whether you’re going for Managed IT, full-tilt private cloud or taking a hybrid cloud approach, our team of experts will work with you to understand your requirements and develop the right IT infrastructure that suits your needs.

With our managed IT services, we can help you to focus on the things that matter That’s why we have created highly customised technical solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients – and why 95% of them would recommend us.

We work with businesses who want a strategic partner who can help them grow and that’s why we work with over 350 clients across many different sectors within the UK & Ireland, to help them become more resilient, more secure and more agile.

    Free yourself from day to day technical issues. We understand the need to control cost without compromising the integrity or quality of the IT environment by giving you direct access to our IT expertise and experience, to reduce IT costs, save time and reduce risk. We’ll manage your IT infrastructure and support your users, whether they work remotely or onsite.

    We operate our own cloud platforms, which allows us to design and deliver transformational public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, whilst providing and enabling industry leading security, resilience, scalability and agility.

    Our flexible, complementary support is available for businesses where internal IT teams are overstretched, or if you’re an IT Manager in need of additional support. Our complementary IT support services can help you bolster existing capabilities. We become an extension of your team and are here to support you with additional technical expertise when and where you need it.

    Our highly experienced team of cloud, network, server and application solution experts can help transform your business, through a comprehensive range of professional IT services, including consultancy, solution design, infrastructure migrations and on-premise and cloud deployments.

    Our managed security solutions allow you to prepare, detect and respond to security threats, through the implementation of comprehensive, multi-layered security measures. By leveraging our innovative products and services, we can help protect your employees, systems and data from attacks, exploitation, malware and ransomware.

    Whether you’re looking for innovative collaboration tools, network connectivity or telephony solutions, Xperience can provide a range of services which drive digital transformation whilst enhancing business productivity, security and collaboration.

    Whilst a multi-layered security approach ensures that your business is protected from a vast majority of threats, a comprehensive and regularly tested backup solution is essential to ensure that your business can remove an outage caused by a malicious infection or user error.

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