Is your Business Prepared for the Worse?

Economic losses from natural disasters cost the US over $180 billion in 2012, with only 40% coming from companies who insured their business prior.

Is your business prepared for a natural disaster, crisis or theft? If the worst thing imaginable happened, would you be able to continue on, without disrupting your profitability, data security or customer service?

Neil Slater, General Manager of Xperience Group, commented on the growing need for contingency planning, “Quite often businesses only put disaster recovery processes in place after an incident, but ideally, businesses need to implement something proactively – not reactively – in order to maintain momentum in the long run. Even something as simple as an off-site back-up of your customer data could significantly improve your future progress”

Services available from Xperience Group include Disaster Recovery and Back-Up solutions, designed to replicate and restore your live data or virtual servers through a secure Cloud platform. Keeping your data on-site can help in the event of an onsite disaster, as well as being able to replicate the information to make it available in a temporary location.

Would your business be ready in the event of a natural disaster, or man-made crisis? Would you know what to do if you couldn’t access your information? Find out more about Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services here.