Discover how we help manufacturing companies digitally transform


Discover how we help manufacturing companies digitally transform

Modern manufacturers need the tools to respond to a constantly evolving market. Customers change their minds. Supply chains break down. The shop floor does not always run at 100% efficiency. Managing all of this whilst still providing your customers with outstanding customer service is no mean feat.

All manufacturers understand that adopting digital technologies can transform operations and significantly increase efficiencies, profitability and growth, however the process of achieving that aim can seem a daunting and difficult road to follow.

Xperience in Manufacturing

Traditional systems have focussed on the office function and have not effectively interacted with the staff working on the shop floor. Job sheets are passed between work centres to capture key information including production time and QC results. This information is then manually keyed back into the ERP system by staff in the office.

Moreover, with many operations still relying on paper-based processes, significant overhead is required to ensure paperwork is current and easily accessible. With staff having to do manual checks on jobs and orders, this has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Whereas using a shop floor data capture system, the job is updated in real-time allowing office-based staff to access it in seconds and respond to queries instantly.

Xperience leverage market-leading manufacturing systems to close the production loop. We provide real-time access, to shop floor staff, to allow them to capture their time, see work order details using a dynamic and fully integrated platform. Instant access to this key information allows forward-thinking businesses to react to changing demands, increase profits and stay ahead of their competitors.

We help over 160 manufacturing clients solve the challenges that face their businesses. From providing shop floor apps, accessible via an Android tablet, to give the information to the shop floor and capture actual production times for analysis to providing the tools to ensure, components are bought on time, bottlenecks are managed so that your customers get the products they need, when they need them.

Our Manufacturing Solutions

ERP for Manufacturing

Manufacturers face tough competition and a number of challenges across inventory management, production scheduling and meeting regulatory requirements.

To maintain a competitive advantage you need a solution that can help you handle inventory more efficiently, drive down production costs, analyse product line profitability, and simplify operations. Sage 200 Manufacturing, a component of the broader Sage 200 Suite, integrates with the core ERP modules to enable our clients manage the production process with greater agility.

Integrated with Sage 50cloud Accounts, Cim50 manufacturing software will help you control inventory more efficiently, drive down production costs and analyse product lines profitability in one simple application.

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CRM for Manufacturing

Manufacturers need to consider how to manage the factory and optimise capacity, they need to keep an eye on cash and they need the right type of orders coming from their customers at the right times. Therefore, understanding their customers and knowing what is in their pipeline is vital to ensure smooth operations. Keeping an eye on the future for capacity planning and cashflow requirements is an essential component of running a successful business.

Using CRM technology to share this information will allow you to build a culture within your team which is customer-focused and which helps you predict, plan and optimise your business.

Cloud for Manufacturing

Not all business is based at a single location and effective connections between locations are critical to the data flow. Our cloud platforms provide the peace of mind that wherever you or your colleagues are working, they can gain access to the information they need and at the end of it all, the customer is happy.

Similarly, if you need access to the shop floor, with bar coding systems and shop floor data capture apps, we offer secure wireless solutions to ensure high-performance device connectivity to help you reach your production efficiency goals.


Managed IT Solutions

Not all applications can reside in the cloud, many CAD applications deal with large files which are better managed on local resources.

Our team can build a solution that meets your business wide needs – one size does not fit all.

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