Financial Services

Retain customers and gain insights

Financial Services

Retain customers and gain insights

Driven by high customer expectations, mounting regulations and compliance pressures, the financial services sector is highly competitive, forcing companies to rethink the way they do business. Moreover, as data breaches become prevalent and privacy concerns intensify, the need for round-the-clock and secure service has never been more important.

Financial services firms understand that the industry challenges can be resolved by adopting digital technologies to improve data analytics, giving financial institutions the ability to sell the right product at the right time to the right customer. Robust financial services tools can also help ensure regulatory compliance, offering auditing capabilities to automatically capture and track data. This combined with strong cybersecurity controls to quickly identify and eliminate any vulnerabilities will provide them with the protection they need.

Xperience for Financial Services

The financial services sector is built on customer relationships and many firms which are unable to keep up with client expectations and provide a high level of security can’t thrive in the current competitive landscape.

Our award-winning solutions will take your business beyond traditional financial management software, offering applications that can connect your business across finance, sales, and service to help you run your business more efficiently and automate key tasks and processes, with a highly resilient security architecture. Providing you with a 360-degree view of customer information, you will be able to win customer loyalty through personalised services across multiple channels. Xperience is committed to responsible business practices that meet regulatory requirements and compliance standards.

In order to demonstrate our commitment and credentials in servicing the financial sector, we are proud to announce that we have become fully registered on the FSQS supplier qualification system. Learn more here.

Our IT Solutions for Financial Services

CRM for Financial Services

CRM solutions from Xperience will help your firm develop deeper client relationships by providing a 360-degree customer view, with smart insights, based on client unique profile and needs, on cross-sell opportunities to maximise client profitability.

You will be able to automate key tasks and processes, like onboarding, quarterly reports, regulatory processes, and case escalation, with automated workflows, and securely manage client documents such as proof of identification and application forms, improving operational efficiencies and freeing up time to have more relevant and meaningful customer conversations.

Cloud Computing in Financial Services

With data breaches and cyber-attacks being the prime concern, cloud computing provides a highly resilient security while meeting the regulatory requirements.

With over 10 years’ experience in the cloud computing industry, our cloud platforms guarantee 100% uptime to enable you to provide the best service possible. To help you securely store and manage data, including card transactions, stock market transactions, loans and insurance documents and payments,  we have unlimited storage to ensure you never have to worry.

ERP for Financial Services

From project cost control, multi-year budgeting and commitment accounting to cash flow forecasting, time recording and client billing, our ERP platforms will help you run your business more efficiently.

With built-in business intelligence that is accessible from any location, at any time, you will have a single version of the truth for faster decision making.