Following on from our recent communications, on 2nd September 2019, we will be launching our new support centre. This means the way in which you obtain support from us is changing for the better. Customer service has always been our priority, that’s why we’re coming up with new and innovative ways to help improve your support experience.

Accessing Our New Services

To raise new support cases or to manage your existing tickets, please visit or if you prefer, simply send us an email to Our helpdesk is available from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.  However, if you require urgent out of hours support, further details of this service can be provided upon request.

1)       When you’re logging in to our new portal for the first time, you’ll need to reset your password by clicking here

2)       Once reset, enter your email address & password where prompted on the ‘Login’ box, shown on the left-hand side of the portal homepage

3)       To raise a new support request, select ‘Submit a Ticket’ on the top navigation bar or the button shown in the middle pane

a.)      To ensure that your ticket is routed correctly, select ‘Peterborough Helpdesk’ under the list of available departments

b.)      Select ‘Next’ and complete the submission form

4)  To manage your support requests created after September 2nd, simply select ‘My Tickets’ on the top navigation bar

New User Accounts

To make the transition to our new helpdesk as painless as possible, we’ve already created a helpdesk account for you. However, if a new employee joins your organisation they must register for a helpdesk account by visiting, as for security purposes emails sent to us by unregistered users are automatically rejected.

Did you Know?

We strive to deliver an exceptional support experience and that’s why we’ve developed automated bots that monitor your tickets and survey comments in real-time. By rating your support tickets and by leaving survey comments, it helps us act faster, build our services around you and have our management team reach out when you need that extra bit of help.

If you have any queries about these changes, please email or give us a call on 01733 362120.

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