Is Your Business Running You? How To Improve Your Business Performance

Are you buried under the pressure of handling every problem, answering every call, replying to every email, doing payroll, marketing and more? Do you find yourself constantly firefighting?

You end your day with a clear sense of purpose for tomorrow. But then tomorrow comes and you find out there are project delays affecting your key accounts. Finance alerts you to compliance issues with the upcoming regulation. Oh, and your inbox gets full of new messages and a seemingly never-ending list of “to do’s”.

Day in, day out, as your productive plans dissolve, you are turning into a slave of the trade, feeling helpless, like your business is the one running your life. Sound familiar?

Can you achieve your business objectives?

According to research, UK SMEs are looking for growth in 2018, with other objectives including improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Was it one of your objectives at the start of 2018? What has stopped you? Was it:

  • poor performance visibility
  • operational silos
  • financial complexity
  • productivity losses

Ding.Ding.Ding. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those challenges, then something is very wrong.  Your existing business systems are making your life more difficult rather than serving you.

According to an Intermedia report, the average small-to-midsize business uses 14.3 separate applications for logistics, sales, marketing, accounting, human resource management and social media engagement. Usually, less than five of these are connected.

How can new technologies help improve your business performance?


  • a system allowing you to automate reconciliation, invoicing and chasing payments to free up time for you to analyse data trends and make smarter decisions to accelerate your business
  • having an ability to glance at a dashboard to instantly see the state of play against your goals and targets, work-in-progress, employee productivity and more
  • having access to tools that can streamline repetitive tasks, qualify leads and aid multitasking to eliminate time-wasting tasks while increasing job satisfaction and boosting staff retention
  • a solution allowing you to nurture customer relationships from the initial lead through to order with your entire sales process, streamlined and automated under one roof

Impressed? All this is available on a single integrated platform, giving your business the power it needs to grow and thrive. Contact us to find out more >