Governance Goes Digital

As part of its on-going ICT upgrade and modernisation of governance arrangements, Ark Housing has provided Board Members and its Senior Management Team with the new Microsoft Surface RT tablets.

Judy Turner, Chairman of the Board said “the tablets have revolutionised the way we work as a Board and has opened up many new opportunities for improving our governance arrangements. We are all now linked in real time and have secure and available access even when not at home on our personal computers. Having the ability to review Board Papers and information online, no matter where we may be, gives us much greater flexibility. Receiving online alerts keeps us all in immediate contact so that we don’t miss anything important. It has made huge improvements to our Board and Committee arrangements and increased the level of communications between Members and the Executive Team.”

In partnership with Xperience the IT supplier Ark Housing has recently completed a full Microsoft Office infrastructure upgrade, which included the installation of Microsoft’s new SharePoint system, enabling more efficient and secure data sharing and communications.

Patrick Leggett, Director at Xperience Group commented, “The deployment of the tablets and the development of a Microsoft Sharepoint portal is just another example of how simple yet effective technology can bring significant benefits to the end user. We are delighted to have worked with Ark Housing in delivering this key IT project, an innovative and forward thinking organisation that was quick to realise the business benefits of introducing this technology.”

Chief Executive Tony Ruddy said, “The introduction of the new Surface Tablets has been a tremendous benefit to the way we work. Improved communications, mobile and secure information access, changed work flow processes, reduced paperwork and the reduction of accompanying costs of staff time and administration are only some of the immediate benefits to have been realised. Having the ability to change the way the Board and its committees operate will deliver much better leadership and governance of the organisation. We have already found significant improvements in communications between the Executive and the Board and within all business units in the Association. There are real value added benefits from this investment and I am excited about the future potential and opportunities for modernising the way we work.”