Five Methods of Growth Hacking

In our recent blog post, we explained what the term “growth hacking” was. There are a wide variety of tips and tools that can are utilised to aide start-up businesses, but these methods can also be mirrored and integrated in to an established business too.

In order to start your smart marketing, or “growth hacking” journey, begin with the following methods:

1. Viral & Paid Acquisition

If you have an established business, you’ll have a database of existing customers, and potential leads. The aim of the game, so to speak, is to encourage these people to share your product or service. As David Skok said, “The internet is a powerful enabler for viral marketing, as ideas can spread extremely rapidly through email, instant messaging, blogs, and social messaging platforms.”

With regards to paid acquisition, use a variety of search engine marketing, Google AdWords; targeted Facebook ads; display ads, mobile ads and many others. Analytics are becoming more highly developed, and the amount of data that can be extracted to drive targeted viral and paid acquisition campaigns forward is immense.

2. Content Marketing

Use a mixture of blog posts, infographics, videos and other forms of media in order to increase brand awareness and site traffic. Ensure you use targeted content, through market research, so that you turn those website visitors into users. Tools of the trade:


This tool is great for finding high performing content on any topic or competitor. It breaks content down in to share volume on each social network.


Help a Reporter Out offers a great service for anyone interested in being featured on high profile websites. Journalists, bloggers and other writers can request interviews, quotes, tips and advice from professionals within a particular sector, which you can respond to.

Fresh Web Explorer

This service helps businesses find new mentions of their company on the web. This can be used to gain links, add or respond to comments, and share the content to get even more traction.

Other great tools/sites include

Reddit, Quora, Ahrefs, Google Blog Search, Forums (related to your business niche).

3. E-mail Marketing

Growth hacking is not just about increasing new customers, but also about retaining the customers you have and encouraging them to spend more money. This is where e-marketing comes in. Maintain and nurture your customer base with e-marketing software, such as Salesfusion which extends to provide marketing automation capabilities.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s likely that you’ll want to rank for popular search terms within your niche, but in order to will rank well and gain traffic that will convert, focus on longtail terms, they may have less of a search volume, but people using these types of searches are more likely to buy. A great tool for monitoring rankings for your site is Serps.com.

5. A/B testing and Analytics

Analytics and A/B testing can help improve acquisition and conversion funnels by ensuring you target marketing activities, SEO, and overall acquisition and retention correctly. Analytics must be used in each step in order to make sure you target the right audience at the right time in the right place.

All of these methods should be used in conjunction with one another, you cannot create viral marketing without e-marketing, analytics or content etc. If you have a growth hacking or marketing tip to share, tweet us @XperienceGroup. We’ll retweet the best tips!