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Dynamics 365 for Marketing App

Choose the Marketing app if you are looking to:

  • Align sales and marketing processes
  • Deliver next level customer experiences
  • Create and measure marketing ROI
  • Automate marketing for optimum engagement
  • Embrace digital transformation
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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Advance your marketing capabilities by combining data and processes with sales, taking your marketing to the next level. Dynamics 365 for Marketing delivers customer interaction insights to help you to deliver consistency across your sales and marketing teams. Create a seamless customer experience to increase customer retention, reduce sales cycles and increase conversions.

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See the Bigger Picture

For your customers to experience a real difference it is important to embrace the complete Dynamics 365 Suite…

Drive Return on Investment with Marketing Automation

Effective Campaigns

Manage marketing campaigns from start to finish tracking ROI of each activity. Create Dashboards, or real time reports with Power BI, that provide at a glance performance information.

Lead Management

Improve lead handling to enhance the customer experience. Create automated workflows based on lead scores for effective lead routing and nurturing which guides customers through the sales cycle.

Intelligent Marketing

Identify customer behaviour trends and predict future sales with Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Use customer insights to segment your audiences and target them with products and services that add value.

360 Customer View

Harness sales and marketing data to build a 360 view of your customers, identifying patterns in behaviour and new opportunities. Use this insight to create a sales and marketing strategy that drives results.

Social Marketing

Utilise the embedded social listening tools to stay up to date with trends and customer requirements to inform your strategy. Deliver and measure timely campaigns across multiple channels that drive social engagement.

Better Collaboration

Share data, content and insight between your sales and marketing teams, ensuring each customer and prospect interaction is maximised and no sales opportunities are wasted again.

Dynamics 365 and Office 365: Better Together

Dynamics 365 has been designed to work with Office 365 enabling you access to systems and tools from anywhere.

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