Discover SalesLogix v8 Through Video

Explore the newly released and highly anticipated SalesLogix v8 through a series of YouTube videos, created by Xperience Group.

The launch of SalesLogix v8 has brought with it enhancements in usability, and user experience. Find out how these new features can help businesses improve user to customer relationships, with our Introduction to SalesLogix v8 videos.

Created by Xperience SalesLogix experts, the short videos demonstrate the latest performance enhancements, and features of v8, in a no-nonsense walk-through.

Sam Mitchell, CRM Consultant, comments on the videos he compiled. “These SalesLogix v8 videos have been designed with existing SalesLogix users in mind, walking you through the latest version of SalesLogix, comparing the new features to previous versions of SalesLogix. We hope that, by watching these videos, you’ll gain valuable insight into the new features available in of SalesLogix v8.”

SalesLogix v8 is the latest release of the account centric CRM solution, boasting new features such as improved security and greater mobile optimisation. With multiple deployment options available, SalesLogix v8 can fit a business’s IT strategy direct from implementation, without disrupting workflow. Get your valuable customer information at your fingertips with an easy to access, single view of your customer in the enhanced user interface.

View SalesLogix v8 New Features Tour Videos on the Xperience Group’s YouTube Channel>>>