Digital Transformation Webinar Series

Guest Speaker: Guus Krabbenborg

Digital Transformation Webinar Series

Guest Speaker: Guus Krabbenborg

New Webinar Series - How to master digital transformation to accelerate your business

Our New webinar series features Guus Krabbenborg, an inspiring and highly experienced speaker, business trainer and consultant. Guus has also authored a number of books and has a well-earned reputation in the international Microsoft Dynamics arena. He is passionate about digital transformation as a means to help businesses stay relevant.

Over the next three months, we will be running a series of three webinars with Guus. We will be adding to this series over the coming weeks so watch this space for the latest webinar topics.

    How to make your Digital Transformation project successful

    Wednesday 21st April | 16:30 – 17:30 | Register Here

    Other than the implementation of a single piece of software like ERP or CRM, digital transformation is the process of completely digitising all of your business processes, the way you operate and your own mindset. Unfortunately, digital transformation is often too closely linked to just technology (keyword ‘digital’) with less focus on technology’s ability to improve business functions (keyword ‘transformation’).
    In this podcast you’ll learn the factors that will drive success (and failures) of your next digital transformation project. Together we will discuss examples of good and poor projects. And we’ll dive deeper in the requirements for success and what it is you need from your organisation and key stakeholders.

    Audience: MD’s, IT management, senior managers of other department

    The 5 most important lessons every MD must learn about Digital Transformation

    Wednesday | 16:30 – 17:30 | 12th May | Register Here

    “Most CEO’s and board members of SMB companies are juniors when it comes to understanding the success and fail factors of Digital Transformation!”

    Today’s customers don’t complain anymore. If their vendors are not performing, they simply switch. Digital Transformation is a great opportunity for all companies to rethink the position of their customers, to create business models that contribute maximally to customer happiness and finally, to select an IT platform that support this. Unfortunately, surveys tell us that the vast majority of all CEO’s in the world still believe that Digital Transformation is just another IT project.

    In this podcast you’ll pick up what the most important lessons are that CEO’s must learn about Digital Transformation. This definitely is a session you (and your MD) don’t want to miss!

    Audience: MD’s, CFO’s, IT management and senior managers of other departments

    Using Cloud to put customers at the heart of your business

    Wednesday 2nd June | 16:30 – 17:30 | Register Here

    Would you like to continue the use of your current on-premise ERP and CRM solutions for just another year? Or are you considering moving your solution to the cloud in 2021? Interesting questions, right? And not just for you, but for many other organisations as well. In this podcast, we will invite you to see this question not (just) as a technical one. But (also) as an organisational and business-related question. Why? Well, today’s world is dominated by the buyers. They have the power. They have access to all information. And they talk with their peers. So rather than just focussing on the technological side of this question, it’s valuable to also see how cloud solutions can bring you closer to these modern buyers. And even win their hearts!

    In this podcast you’ll learn how cloud solutions can help you win more customers, both faster and cheaper. If you want to grow your business, this definitely is a session you don’t want to miss!

    Audience: MD’s, Sales management, Marketing management, IT management and senior managers of other departments

    Guus Krabbenborg

    Guus Krabbenborg is a highly-experienced business trainer and consultant with a well-earned reputation in the international Microsoft Dynamics arena. He has managed and co-owned several software companies and was Sales Director for Navision Software in The Netherlands.

    Guus is co-founder and co-owner of QBS Group, the successful Value Add SMB Distributor for Dynamics partners in the EMEA region, that support 1.000+ Dynamics partners in 25+ countries. Over the last 15 years Guus has delivered inspiring business training and presentations to hundreds of Dynamics partners and end-users all over the world. During the last years with a particular attention to business transformation and digital transformation.

    Recently, Guus started a fresh new company called ‘Dynamics and More’. This company supports Microsoft Dynamics customers and partners with high impact services in the domains of Strategy, Digital Transformation, Marketing, Sales and Project Success.

    Guus also is a member of the Partner Advisory Council for DIRECTIONS4PARTERS – the community of D365 partners in the EMEA and ASIA regions.

    Finally, Guus is a frequent speaker at various international Microsoft events like Inspire, eXtreme365, DIRECTIONS and SUMMIT. His approach is perceived by both customers and partners as inspiring, creative and provocative – but always entertaining.