Grow with confidence and build cyber resilience from the inside out

Grow with confidence and build cyber resilience from the inside out


Xperience helps our clients defend against the ever increasing threat landscape through the use of innovative security solutions to enable multi-layered defence capabilities helping businesses meet the challenges of tomorrow today. Whether we’re helping our clients defend against known cyber attacks or detecting and responding to the unknown we help our clients every day to build cyber resilience to help them grow with confidence.


Security as a service (SECaaS)

Our latest flagship security-as-as-service has been designed to provide previously unobtainable levels of protection from the latest cyber threats through a multi-layered security approach. Our security-as-a service platform gives our customers peace of mind that they no longer need to worry about cyber threats. They can rely on us to manage security on their behalf.

Whether you are already in the cloud or on prem you can benefit from this service and we can get you up and running in as little as 24hrs.

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Real-time attack detection and mitigation

Xperience protects businesses and their data against possible threats by monitoring the events occurring in a computer system or network and analysing them for signs of possible incidents including imminent threats of violation of computer security policies, acceptable use policies, or standard security practices. Our real-time attack detection and mitigation software is automated to help prevent possible incidents.

Anti-virus / Anti-Malware / Anti-Spam

Xperience’s advanced anti-virus technology ensures that your business is protected from cyber threats. Our solution protects with anti-virus and encryption technologies and also control applications to reduce the risk of both data loss and malware infection.

Our anti-virus technology protects data with application control and encryption, detects and cleans up hidden malware and provides multi-threat protection helping protect your business from known and unknown threats such as Trojans, viruses, worms and polymorphic malware delivered by zero-day exploits.

Anti-spam from Xperience is the most effective cybersecurity and compliance solution in market helping our clients to respond to cyber attacks in every channel including email, the web, the cloud, and social media. It enhances threat protection by stopping email threats and provides greater information, user and ecosystem protection.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Leverage the cloud for data protection and disaster recovery with our backup and disaster recovery solutions. Powered by Veeam Backup and Replication, our clients benefit from the resilience, redundancy and features of our datacentre platform.


Protect your business, data and reputation including confidentiality integrity and availability from cyber security threats, hardware failure and human error whilst maintaining regulatory compliance. We provide back up solutions for laptops, desktops and servers, Veeam backup for Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, highly redundant and resilient backup infrastructure and fast, flexible, reliable backup and recovery. This gives our clients peace of mind that if anything goes wrong their valuable data is still available.

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Automated Patch Management

Ensuring that your desktops, laptops and servers are updated on a regular basis is essential to mitigate a potential attack, as a result of a known vulnerability being exploited. Our automated patch management solutions streamline the identification of missing patches and updates through efficient scanning and deployment policies, on Windows, Linux, Unix & Apple Mac Devices.

Physical Security

The security of our clients’ data is of paramount importance to us. That’s why our data centres have a 24/7/365 on-site security team and seven layers of physical security including a comprehensive CCTV network, biometric security systems, high perimeter fencing, single person man taps, access control systems (access cards, PIN codes and fingerprint recognition).


We all face unexpected disruptions from time to time, whether it’s the result of an unexpected IT failure, a change in legislation or compliance requirements, a change in technology or a shift in the market. To help minimise risk, our cloud services are designed and built to achieve 100% uptime, with N+1 redundancy for core infrastructure, such as power, cooling and connectivity as well as cloud platform resilience in storage appliances and compute nodes.

Internet Services

As an accredited Nominet Channel Partner, Xperience provide an extensive range of internet services including domain registration & transfers, web hosting, DNS hosting, advertisement blocking, backup mail & mail relaying services.


Protect your business

Protect your business, employees, customers through a multi-layered security approach, to defend against attacks, exploit attempts, spam, phishing emails, ransomware and malware.

Protect your reputation

The right security solutions can help protect your business from a security breach which results in a loss of data, fines, potentially unrecoverable damage to your reputation, a breach of contract and a loss of income.

Increase productivity

Viruses can have a big impact on your business. It can slow down computers to a crawl, making work almost impossible. Effective cybersecurity minimises threats and maximises your business’ potential output.

Create customer confidence

The implementation of a comprehensive security strategy can allow your business to secure more business, meet or exceed contractual security requirements and provide your customers with confidence, that the security of their data is of paramount importance.

Protect your customers

Protect your customers from a potential cyber breach by proxy by making sure that your business is secure from cyber threats.

Secure your websites

Our comprehensive Security as a Service (SECaaS) solution can protect your website(s) from attacks, including exploitation attempts, denial of service attacks and more, to protect your data and maximise uptime.




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