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Digital transformation in manufacturing industry

These days a great product isn’t enough to differentiate yourself, therefore the industry had to evolve and become more customer-centric to stand out from the competition. For many companies this meant are leveraging manufacturing CRM software to streamline their business processes and deliver unparalleled customer service.

Our Manufacturing CRM Software solutions can add value to your organisation by delivering enhanced customer experiences and anticipating demand for increased profits.

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Why Xperience CRM Solutions for Manufacturing
  • Forecast demand – qualifying and quantifying the amount of demand for product is key to making actionable manufacturing decisions. Accurate forecasting will identify both a slump or rise in demand and allow you to plan accordingly
  • Identify trends in product quality by tracking and managing of defects & returns through to a swift and successful outcome. Effective customer lifecycle increases customer experiences, strengthens the brand and ensures that a customer keeps buying from you
  • Nurture the relationship with distributors – create a portal for distributors and to log their own opportunities and manage forecasts and quote approval in one place
  • Predict maintenance issues – give service agents real-time access to information about their customers and products. That way they can respond to service requests before they’re even logged – or even before a fault occurs
  • Uncover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by better understanding of previous customer purchase history

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