Create a Community by Harnessing Your Social influence: Part Two

As we discussed in Part One, in order to create a qualified business community online, you must harness the power of social media, by first creating buyer personas. These potential groups of people can then be targeted with content relevant to their interests. They can then connect and feedback what they want from a business such as yours.

In Part Two, we tell you how you can extend your social reach to grow your business community…

Once you begin building your community, you can analyse data from it to create more accurate buyer personas, which in turn will help increase your reach. It does this by making your targeting even more specific, so you can connect with those most relevant for your company that are likely to engage and buy.

Extend Your Reach

People tune out to irrelevant or promotional messages, which is why it is so important to create your business personas, to enable you to focus on engaging and useful content. In order to build relationships that drive results, speak directly to your online audience, ask questions and show that you really do appreciate feedback and want to hear what they have to say… Good or bad.

In order to extend your reach, segment your followers. This enables you to target people more specifically. Manage followers on Twitter by adding people to lists. This way you can easily tweet people related to a specific topic, while allowing others to also follow this list, increasing relevancy and in turn engagement.

Pinterest and LinkedIn allow you to create a similar social media management method as Twitter. Professionals can follow specific segments of your business or brand. Ensure you cover all audiences, and don’t forget to set up your Facebook business page too.

Whatever you do socially, be consistent, keep the conversation going, and be honest to ensure your community stand by you and recommend you, which will in turn extend your reach. Don’t try to sell your products and be sure to share other influential content rather than just your own.