The Cost of Axing Technical Support

When it comes to IT support, do you wonder what you are paying for? Have you been tempted to axe your IT support?  Like you, many companies question the viability of support contracts, especially when they don’t necessarily consume a lot of support every year…

The fact your software has been successfully installed and integrated into your current systems does not mean IT support is unnecessary. Whether it’s human error, system faults or software issues, things can go wrong. It’s easy to forget how essential support services are, until you need immediate assistance following a fault or in worst case scenario, a security breach. Computer or network downtime can lead to increased overhead costs, lost productivity, lost customer satisfaction and even lost revenue…

The true cost of axing technical support

Large expenditures – An annual support contract is often cheaper than paying for ad-hoc remedial work, which usually starts at £90 per hour. Depending on the scale of the issues, costs can soon add up.

Low productivity – Even minor setbacks can render networks unusable for hours, meaning employees can’t be productive. The time and money it takes to restore the systems can affect your business performance and profitability.

Wasted time – Many small businesses owners and managers are wasting hours trying to fix technical problems, which IT support could resolve in minutes.  What if you could free up significant time to focus on the responsibilities that really matter?

Dissatisfied customers – When technical issues occur, your customers will feel the effects too. Repairing damage caused by a data breach for example can be expensive, slow and stressful and without IT support you may not be able to recover.

Finding the right support provider…

When it comes to technology investments, many companies are moving toward managed service providers and partners to take the worry off of their minds.  Here we explore the true value of the IT partner channel for support services…

Rapid response – Annual contracts usually include a service level agreement (SLA) outlining resolution times and the levels of service. Partners can usually guarantee speedy resolution to ensure your critical systems remain fully operational at all times.  Review the details of our SLA targets here >

Personalised support – A dedicated support contact will have an understanding of your systems for faster resolution and service quality, meaning you don’t need to repeat yourself every time you call!

Trusted advisor – You are not just a number. A managed IT partner will take time to get to know your business and your ways of working to provide you with personalised advice and recommend solutions to suit your needs.

Flexible support levels – Be it off-site backup, server management or software support, onsite or remote assistance, most IT support providers offer a mix and match service that matches your requirements and IT setup. Evaluate our support services here >