Internal and External Plant

Manage internal and external plant with ease

Internal and External Plant

External and Internal Plant Hire Orders can be raised for plant supplied by external suppliers. Internal plant can be recorded and managed on the contracts that plant is used on.

External Plant Items
Plant items can be set up with hire and supplier based prices for each item.

Plant Hire Orders
Raise plant orders with the option of multiple plant items for different contracts. Specifying ‘On Hire / Off Hire’ dates means that committed costs are posted to the contracts ledger. Plant invoices are raised and posted by matching to plant orders. Plant purchase order approvals are also available.

Plant Management
The Plant Management Worksheet provides easy analysis of plant items on each contract. It allows for costs to be accrued on a regular basis for plant used but not invoiced. Overdue plant list allows for easy management and control of plant items.

Internal Plant
Internal plant items can be set up to record when the plant is used on contracts. The costing option ensures all costs are properly recorded on contracts. Service functionality allows for the management and full costing of servicing internal plant items.



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