Benefits of Contracts365

Gain greater control, improve margins and drive growth.

Benefits of Contracts365

Gain greater control, improve margins and drive growth.

Construction ERP Software Benefits

Contracts365 allows you to benefit from intuitive Construction ERP Software which is tailored for construction and contracting businesses and allowing your business to transform digitally.

You can benefit from an ERP solution designed specifically for the construction and contract management industry. Configuring to your needs, contracts365 construction software will help you manage projects on time and on budget.

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Single Fully Integrated ERP, Construction and HR solution

contract365 is more than just construction and contract management software. It is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which is a full ERP solution. You’ll have all the benefits of one of the leading ERP solutions together with construction and HR modules configured to meet your specific needs.

Enhanced Project and Operational Control

Our solution is project-centric. This means it has been designed to enable effective management of projects, providing increased levels of control. It is designed to be used by all staff within an organisation including finance, quantity surveyors, contract managers and HR. Workflow options can be added, providing users with clear visibility of tasks and functions that they need to progress. The result is an efficient contract management and finance system helping to deliver increased margins and business growth.

Extensive Business Intelligence and Reporting

Timely and accurate information is essential to success. Run detailed reports at the click of a button on different variables ensuring you have business intelligence to make informed decisions.

Accurate and Live Analysis

All transactions are posted directly to the contract’s ledger giving users live, real-time analysis of contract performance. This includes analysis of committed, accrued and actual costs for the contract. Paid costs can also be monitored providing users with information on both contract profitability and cash flow.

HMRC CIS Compliance

Not only does our construction software have all the tools to help you manage subcontractors (such as approval and insurance), it covers all the legislative requirements of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). This includes on-line verification and reporting.

contracts365 Success Stories

“Today, in literally 30 seconds I can find the relevant documentation on the system and send it to the customer at a click of a button. “

David Bailie

BL Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd

“With the integration we were able to eliminate the double-entry of customer information, which helped us clean up our data and make it reliable. We have already identified that 8% of our active customers were not entered on our old CRM, so were never marketed to. Altogether we reduced the time-consuming administration processes, saving around 40% time for every new record we setup.”

Tim Holyomes


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“I remember at year end having to go home and work most of my weekend to make sure that we met the submission deadline. We were so busy focussing on our customers that we didn’t have time to do this as part of your day-to-day work. Now, with the new processes and technology, I can process our year end in 2-3 hrs in an evening. With Sage 200cloud our accounts now go directly to HMRC from Sage and we have cut year end processing times by 80-90%.”

Denis Ferguson

Caffe Society

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