Contract Sales

Maintain details of all applications, certificates, receipts and retentions efficiently

Contract Sales

Contracts365 includes a contract sales ledger that works in conjunction with the core Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system and maintains details of all applications, certificates, receipts and retentions.

Comprehensive Contract Sales Set Up
Configurable set-up with default options on how applications and certificates are posted. Includes full retention and MCD functionality.

Application Processing
Applications can be made at a summary or detailed level. Application revenues can be posted to P&L if required. Manage variations, materials on site, loss / expense claims and provisional sums.

Certificate Processing
Certificates can be processed with full retention and MCD options, and can also be matched to applications ensuring accurate reporting of outstanding applications. Option to use deferred VAT for unpaid certificates.

Contract Receipts
Receipts can be allocated to certificates with the option to process the receipt at the time of certificate. Deferred VAT functionality is available.

Retention Management
Set up practical completion and final retention values and release dates. Reports of outstanding retentions by customer and contract are available.

A comprehensive range of reports are available including aged applications, aged certificates, retentions due and customer exposure.



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