Building a strong financial future and helping your business gain greater control and drive growth


Building a strong financial future and helping your business gain greater control and drive growth

Xperience is a specialist provider of ERP solutions which have been designed with and for the construction industry. Working with clients across the UK our solutions ensure that finance and non-finance staff such as contractors and QS’ process activity within a single, fully integrated system. Partnering with industry leader Microsoft, using Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV) our solution removes duplicated and inaccurate data, streamlines processes and enables remote workers. It breaks down silos helping our clients to track each cost throughout the whole project lifecycle giving companies the ability to gain greater control, improve margins and drive growth.

We help our clients drive collaboration, productivity and profitability with Xperience’s ERP system designed specifically for the construction industry ensuring your contracts are delivered on time and on budget, every time.

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Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR)

The CVR module allows you to easily monitor and adjust for contract performance ensuring both the contract ledger and general ledger are accurate.

Quick CVR
All relevant contract data is easily displayed, allowing users to accrue additional costs or revenues on a contract by contract basis. CVR entries can then be subject to an approval process.

Detailed CVR
Detailed information for each contract can be ‘checked out’ to Excel for review. Cost and revenue adjustments can be calculated in Excel and then posted to the contract when it is ‘checked in’ from Excel.

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Contracts Ledger

The central hub of Contracts365 provides immediate access and drill down into contract transactions to control and manage each contract.

Contract Card  |  Cost Codes & Work Packages  |  Contract Fact Boxes  |  Budgets  |  Contract Analysis  |  Contract Status  |  Contract Valuation and Schedule

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Contracts Sales

Contracts365 includes a contract sales ledger that works in conjunction with the core Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system and maintains details of all applications, certificates, receipts and retentions.

Comprehensive Contract Sales Set Up  |  Application Processing  |  Certificate Processing  |  Contract Receipts  |  Retention Management  |  Reporting

Subcontractor Ledger

The Subcontractors Ledger manages subcontractor records and processes orders, applications, certificates and invoices. The system fully complies with HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme regulations and includes subcontractor:

Comprehensive Set Up  |  Approvals  |  Insurance and Qualifications  |  Orders  |  Applications and Certificates  |  Invoices  |  Payments  |  Reporting

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The Procurement system maintains committed, accrued and actual costs on the contract and includes approval processes and budget checks.

Quotes, Requisitions and Orders  |  Goods Receipts  |  Invoices  |  Approvals

External & Internal Plant

Plant Hire Orders can be raised for plant supplied by external suppliers. Internal plant can be recorded and managed on the contracts that plant is used on.

External Plant Items  |  Plant Hire Orders  |  Plant Management  |  Internal Plant

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Managing and controlling internal labour costs is an essential requirement for construction businesses. Our timesheet module facilitates the efficient entry of timesheets and the full costing of all associated labour costs.

Web portal available to facilitate direct entry by site staff  |  Approval routines prior to posting  |  Cost allocation of salaried employees  |  Integration with Miracle, Sage and Pegasus payroll solutions

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Optional Additional Modules

To help drive efficiency across your organisation, the following modules are optional and can be included in the Contracts365 system:

  • Document Capture for Automated Procurement
  • Expense Management
  • Payroll and HR

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