Cloud Computing Workshop Findings

The Cloud and Cloud Computing had been tipped as one of the ‘big things’ in computing, in 2012. Due to the ease of accessibility, and less pressure on internal business resources, Cloud Computing has accounted for 25% of annual worldwide IT expenditure, by the end of 2012 (Stats: TheTechJournal.com). This figure has increased dramatically since 2008, confirming that Cloud Computing is on the rise.

After the success of their recent Cloud Event, Xperience Group has been continually discussing the benefits of Cloud Computing, for businesses.

At the event, held in Peterborough, guests, looked at the Cloud Computing options available for businesses, and the advantages of employing this technology. With real life examples and a Cloud demonstration, the event aimed to educate businesses on everything involved with the Cloud – from connectivity to costs.

At the Cloud Computing Workshop the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Computing were discussed at length, with some attendees expressed concerns relating to the security aspect of their data, when stored and accessed from the Cloud. Xperience Group successfully appeased these concerns by demonstrating when a user’s data is stored in a data centre their data is kept secure and backed up, continuously. At Xperience Group’s own data centre there support for Disaster Recovery, enabling customers to continue working efficiently following an issue.

Attendees discussed the idea of connectivity, and how their office would function without access to their data, or servers in a traditional sense.  When a company moves to Cloud Computing, the traditional computing environment is replicated in the Cloud, and can be remotely accessed from any thin client, or mobile device – so connectivity relies on your internet speed, and not the Cloud itself.

The cost of implementing Cloud solutions was also discussed. It was reveiled that the costs involved with a Cloud solution, like with traditional implementations, vary between businesses and reflects a businesses size and technology requirements. Regardless of size however, Cloud solutions mean there is no need for large outlay upfront for hardware, such as servers.

The feedback from the delegates suggests Xperience Group’s Cloud event went a long way to help businesses understand what’s involved in Cloud Computing, and how it’s changing business computing today.

If you would like more information about the Cloud, please read more about TotalCare, and Xperience Group’s Cloud Computing solutions, here.