Security as a Service

Unrivalled protection from known and unknown threats to protect your data

Security as a Service

Unrivalled protection from known and unknown threats to protect your data

Security as a Service from Xperience

With limited resources and an ever-changing threat landscape, more employees than ever are working from home. This has resulted in an unprecedented increase in security threats making it increasingly difficult for IT teams on the front lines to protect their systems, network and data.

Security as a Service from Xperience helps your business to respond and mitigate against cyber-threats. Using our security specialists as well as the latest technologies, we help prevent cyber attacks and breaches across your infrastructure, helping you protect your reputation and client data by implementing a comprehensive multi-layered Security as a Service solution.

Providing previously unattainable levels of protection, our innovative service routes your organisations’ internet traffic through advanced security systems located in the cloud to provide real-time protection from malicious data, attacks, exploitation, network intrusion, malware, viruses and much more.

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  • Hassle free – outsource your security management to our security management specialists
  • Increased security – comprehensive multi-layered security solutions to protect your business from the latest threats
  • Reduce costs – Our flexible, convenient monthly subscription model helps to reduce the total cost of ownership of the security platform
  • Free up resource time – Automate the detection and response to security threats freeing up your teams to focus on other areas.
  • Faster threat response – no matter what time of the day or night our SECaaS solution is continuously monitoring and mitigating potential threats. With our automated, 24x7x365 threat intelligence, we analyse millions of daily security events with the inclusion of third party threat intelligence feeds. We can deploy pro-active defensive measures to your business and to any device within seconds
  • Access the latest technologies – Xperience works with the market leading security technology providers which means that we are making these investments without you having to
  • Outsource expensive skills – skilled security experts are expensive. SECaaS gives you access to a pool of highly experienced security experts, without having them on your payroll


Key Features

Monthly subscription model
Protect physical offices and remote workers
Reliable, resilient cloud infrastructure
Real-Time Intrusion Prevention & Detection
Attack Detection & Mitigation
Regularly updated Cisco/Talos Threat Detection Rules
Regularly updated Dynamic Intelligence Threat Lists
Protection for laptops, desktops and mobile devices
Encrypted VPN connections & DNS over HTTPS
Real-time automated, monitoring & alerting
Exploit Detection & Prevention
Automated log Analysis
Synchronised security


What SECaaS Protects Your Business Against

Cyber attacks can be crippling for a business. That’s where Xperience comes in. Our Security as a Service and security management experts can protect you against a large range of cyber threats and attacks such as:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Denial of service (DoS)
  • Malicious network traffic
  • Port Scans
  • Exploitation attempts

But, our solution is also vital in protecting your data. Your business data is everywhere, especially now in a remote working environment. It is stored on laptops, mobile phones and tablets and accessed via wifi, cloud services or local servers – all of which need to be secured to fend of potential cyber threats. We can protect any device whether it is a physical device, remote workers or cloud.

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