Cloud Computing is a Game Changer for UK Businesses

A TechTarget survey of UK businesses revealed, 52% of respondents planned to increase IT budgets in 2014, with 45% planning to increase cloud budgets in 2014. This is a clear indicator that Cloud Computing is not just a fad but a “game-changer” for UK businesses.

Cloud Computing is different to traditional computing because it is sold on-demand, it is scalable and it is fully managed by the provider. A weak economy and high-speed internet access has given rise to accelerated interest in cloud computing in the UK business community.

The Cloud is an attractive proposition for many businesses as it offers computing capabilities as a service, enabling businesses to access computing resources with no upfront hardware costs and minimal management efforts. This, combined with the falling prices of storage, makes cloud computing a viable option for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline operations and focus on creating and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Iain O’Kane, Managing Director at Xperience Group comments, “Many businesses remain skeptical about moving to the cloud, with many failing to realise it is not an ‘all or nothing’ decision like outsourcing decisions of bygone years. The cloud by nature is flexible and comes in many different forms which mean businesses can take a phased approach to move to the cloud, or even opt for a hybrid model.

“For businesses that are uncertain of the cloud should start small. Trialling cloud storage or Software as a Service will provide a low cost and low risk experiment, allowing you to get your feet wet and assess if cloud computing suits your business model.”

Cloud computing takes many forms and guises, including networks, servers, storage and applications, which are based on 3 core functions Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service. For organisations looking to move to the cloud it is important to understand the different types of Cloud Computing available and assess business needs in order to identify which solution is appropriate.

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