How Dunlop Aircraft Tyres used Cloud CRM to Support Globalisation

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“We are able to manage customer information more effectively so that we don’t lose sight of anything that may impact on the customer experience.”

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Breaking down data silos with Cloud CRM

As Dunlop Aircraft Tyres expanded and globalised it was apparent using disparate systems and spreadsheets was limiting them. Driven by a desire to improve the customer experience, they moved to Infor CRM to manage customer data. It provides them with ‘one version of the truth’ facilitating stronger customer relationships and improved retention rates.

Marketing Manager, Stuart Hawker, explains why they moved to a cloud-based CRM. “Previously, we relied on a combination of separate databases and spreadsheets to manage customer information. As our business expanded and globalised, we wanted a more consistent way of working underpinned by robust technology.

“We opted for a cloud CRM solution because we have multi-sites in the UK, US and China. A local CRM system would have caused headaches in terms of placing the infrastructure and managing the connectivity. Infor’s cloud offering was appropriately scaled, tested and administered. And, when Infor introduced us to Xperience we were impressed with their approach, too.

“We haven’t rolled out the system as aggressively as some people might. We’ve been running at a pace that suits our business, preferring to bring our teams along gently rather than risk leaving people behind. It’s important our people understand the benefits and why Infor CRM Online is just a better way of doing things. We might have started small but we never stop thinking big and Infor CRM supports our ambitions.”

Driven By Customer Service Excellence

“Already it’s translating well in terms of better customer service. We are able to manage customer information more effectively so that we don’t lose sight of anything that may impact on the customer experience. For example, the simple task of distributing price lists. With Infor CRM Cloud we set up a clear road-map of activities to be completed by the sales managers. This means every member of the team can see the task and its level of completeness at glance. No phone calls. No status reports. The data did the reporting.

“Infor CRM Online has also brought better visibility of contacts, their roles and interest segments. This can be spun against the market segments making it quicker and easier to create lists for digital marketing activities. We only have to go to one place for customer information, rather than scouring different databases, spreadsheets, Outlook or even people’s heads. We know exactly what needs to be done. This has made a massive difference.

“Infor CRM Online makes things better and clearer. We’ve already got to the stage where we are asking ourselves: ‘Could such-and-such be done better in CRM?’ And if we ever have any problems, we know we can depend on Xperience.”


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