It is a symptom of a modern global world that a pandemic such as the latest Corona Virus has had such a wide-spread impact on business and productivity.

We are all guilty of vaguely watching the news and raising an eyebrow at the impact being felt in some far-flung city on the other side of the world, it is not until we see the impact of this epidemic closer to home that we sit up and pay attention as the virus outbreak now has potential to impact our own lives.

We are already seeing school closures, rugby matches cancelled, and whole villages quarantined to stem the spread of the virus. We also see daily the impact restricted supply chains and the knock-on effect this has on our clients delivering goods to their customers. Only today our own HR department just like many of yours have communicated to staff reminders of what to do if you present any symptoms of the Virus, with general advice to self-quarantine and stay at home.

In the event of quarantine, or in the event of wide-scale school closures that world of work may have to change, and change quickly, with the potential of large amounts of the UK workforce having to stay at home rather than to come into work we are about to embark in what could be the biggest experiment in-home working our economy have ever seen!

Frankly we can’t be certain that businesses across the UK and Ireland are equipped and ready to allow their business to keep on working by allowing their staff to work from home. Up to now working from home has been an aspirational luxury for the few, the typical mindset of many organisations within the UK is that employees need to be seen in order for productivity to be believed. Flexible working has been an out of reach luxury that has the potential to impact productivity.

But what would it mean for your business if you had to close the doors and send everyone home to work? Are you equipped to deal with this eventuality? How do you work remotely when your key line of business applications is hosted on your on premise server? How do you access your files and folders? What will collaboration look like when you can’t walk over and talk to your colleagues?

Xperience can help you find a way to make homeworking work. We have the expertise to ensure that you and your employees are using the right tools and services to make homeworking a reality.
We can show you how to collaborate effectively, share information remotely and engage with each other in a new digital landscape and in the most productive way possible.

Our team of product specialist won’t just look at the nuts and bolts of IT, we ensure that through a series of hardware and software consultancy sessions that we understand your business, and provide you with a fit for purpose solution Built by Xperience. When the dust settles on this latest disaster, and we all go back to normal, we will have left you with an environment that promotes flexibility and collaboration and true insightful productivity.

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