Category: Technology in Business

Monday April 22, 2013

SME’s in the Digital Age

The British Library’s recent decision to archive material on one billion web pages from nearly five million UK websites struck... Read More

Monday April 1, 2013

Unified Communications – The Key to Successful Business, No Matter the Weather

Northern Ireland’s unpredictable weather system threw up some surprises last month with one of the heaviest snow falls seen in... Read More

Thursday March 14, 2013

How Much Do You Know About the Cloud?

According to the latest research, 14% of respondents admitted they pretended to know what Cloud Computing was in a job... Read More

Friday February 8, 2013

Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Consider ERP

The start of a new year brings predictions about the future of business ERP software and best practices for success.... Read More

Saturday September 22, 2012

IT Maintenance Integral to Business Success

Many Northern Ireland businesses face a daily challenge of remaining competitive in tough, crowded and evolving market places. IT continues... Read More