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Act! Add-ons - Xperience IT Support

Wednesday May 17, 2017

Top 5 Act Add-Ons for Act Premium Subscription

Did you know Act Subscription allows integrations with more than 750 apps? Do you want mobile access to your Act... Read More

How Will CRM Benefit Businesses in 2019? Dynamics 365

Wednesday April 26, 2017

First Look: What is Dynamics 365?

Wouldn’t work life be much easier if it was possible to access all of your business applications in one place,... Read More

Benefits of Act Subscription - Xperience IT Services

Thursday March 2, 2017

Top 7 Benefits of Act Subscription Model

Have you been put off buying Act because of the upfront investment? Have you put off upgrading to the latest... Read More

Sage 50c accounts - Xperience IT Solutions

Thursday February 2, 2017

Should I Upgrade to Sage 50c Accounts?

So, the new Sage 50c has just been released and you are probably asking yourself, ‘what does this mean for... Read More

Sage 200 2017 - Xperience IT Solutions

Wednesday January 18, 2017

A Sneak Peek at Sage 200 2017

Due for release this summer, Sage 200 2017 will streamline your financial processes, for improved productivity and time savings. Here... Read More

working on laptop - Xperience IT Solutions

Thursday January 12, 2017

What’s New in Act v19?

With the new mobile capabilities, Act v19 focuses on driving productivity and sustainable growth. Here we explore what’s new in... Read More

What is Dynamics 365 - Xperience IT Solutions

Tuesday January 3, 2017

What is Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is the latest offering from Microsoft, launched at their World Partner Conference in 2016. Here we explore ‘What... Read More

Sage 200 - Xperience IT Support

Thursday October 27, 2016

WEBEX: A Delve into Sage 200 2016

Sage 200 constantly adapts to the changing requirements of your business, ensuring it can support you both now and in... Read More

webex - Xperience IT Solutions

Monday October 3, 2016

WEBEX: An Inside Look at Act v18.2

With numerous enhancements, Act v18.2 is a milestone release from Swiftpage, introducing a raft of tools to cultivate and maintain... Read More