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cybersecurity for law firms

Monday October 22, 2018

Cybersecurity For Law Firms : How To Manage Your Law Practice Safely

Over the last few years, the cyber threat to the UK legal sector has grown significantly with reports showing over £11... Read More

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Thursday May 4, 2017

Top Tips: Digital Transformation In Law Firms

In the midst of Industry Revolution 4.0 and the era of digital transformation, ‘Innovate or Die’ is the stark message... Read More

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Tuesday January 31, 2017

Cybersecurity: Considerations for Law Firms

Cybersecurity in law firms According to Legal Week, cyberattacks on UK law firms climbed by nearly 20% between 2014 and... Read More

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Wednesday January 11, 2017

Legal Industry Trends 2017

Digital is fast becoming a focus for legal firms. Although traditional in their make-up, we expect to see a shift... Read More

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Monday September 12, 2016

Office 365 for Solicitors: Work Smarter not Harder

For many legal companies, compliance, security and access to documents are likely to be high the list of priorities. However, many practices... Read More

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Monday August 15, 2016

Why Legal Firms Should Embrace Digital Change

Recently, we have seen a rise in legal firms continually being targeted by cyber attacks; due to the large sums of money... Read More