Are CRM Fundamentals Over Shadowed by CRM Features?

Focusing on customer relationship management (CRM) software features has made businesses lose sight of the fundamental CRM principals, says Xperience Group.

The results of a Merkle Group study has highlighted 63% of CRM initiatives fail. For organisations about to embark on a CRM journey these statistics can be off-putting. However, it is important to realise careful planning can be the difference between success and failure.

Carl Francis, CRM Project Manager at Xperience Group comments, “When CRM implementations fail it is important to take a step back and reflect on the reasons why. If two businesses implement the same CRM system and one implementation fails and the other one succeeds it is clear it’s down to the business and not the software.

“CRM software has evolved rapidly in recent years and I believe many businesses focus too much on the latest features and functionality a system can offer they lose sight of the fundamental CRM principals. Social CRM is great and can help enhance a CRM strategy, but in isolation it will not help an organisation to realise results. Businesses should focus on the CRM vision and strategy with less emphasis on the bells and whistles.”

Customer Relationship Management enables organisations to understand, anticipate and respond to the need of customers and prospects. When undertaking a CRM project, it should be treated like any other, with clear objectives outlined, careful planning and a method for measuring results. Without these factors is difficult to know whether the project has met expectations.

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