Act v18: Out Now!

Released this month, Act v18 introduces a multitude of productivity enhancements in order to propel sales and marketing success. Now compatible with Windows 10 and Office 2016, the new edition enables businesses to maintain a competitive edge and sustain growth by enhancing user efficiency and streamlining customer interactions.

Marcell Varga, Act! Consultant at Xperience Group said, “With the v18 release there aren’t large volumes of new features, like with previous editions. Instead, Swiftpage has focused on quality, delivering enhancements to existing functionality in order to maximise productivity and enable businesses to convert and retain more customers in order to grow. With a number of innovations in the web client and changes to the Act platform, solid foundations are being laid for the forthcoming releases that focus on flexibility and accessibility.”

Focusing on improving sales performance, Act v18 helps building strong customer relationships, transforming each interaction into a business opportunity. The new release helps sales team prioritise their actions and tasks more efficiently, improving customer experience and driving retention. Added to this, by automating sales processes, Act v18 enables businesses to stay organised, leaving more time to focus on customers and sales.

Act emarketing has been greatly improved for team accounts, allowing administrators to choose who gets access to sign up for an email marketing account, send email campaigns, view specific Call Lists and take advantage of Smart Task automation. Furthermore, Act v18 emarketing ensures improved deliverability, enhancing the return on investment and delivering higher conversions rates.

The new release offers advanced reporting capabilities providing insights into business performance and enabling a more informed decision-making process. Act! v18 gives users the tools to track sales and marketing activities with real-time analytics to measure campaign effectiveness and better understand customer needs.

Act CRM continues to evolve focusing on making the product easier, better and faster and offering new features and services to help customers improve their productivity and ensure return on investment.

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