Act v16 Released in the UK

Today, Swiftpage has launched the first new Act release since its acquisition of Act! from Sage in March 2013. To ensure the first release under new ownership is a success, Swiftpage has listened to user feedback and developed Act v16 to help businesses maximise use of time, prioritise intelligently and improve customer IQ – essentially for businesses looking to achieve growth.

The latest release is called Act v16, Swiftpage have reverted to the former naming convention in order to break free from forced annual releases. Instead, Swiftpage have opted for allowing developments evolve as needed, rather than to a fixed schedule.

A key priority for most small businesses is to maximise time management for increased organisational efficiency. The new Act, Act v16, takes step to help users achieve this by consolidating information, by company as well as a complete historical view, for increased accessibility and availability, saving time spent retrieving information.

With pressure building on individuals to deliver on targets the ability to prioritise activities is essential. Swiftpage have recognised this need and with Act v16 they have made it easy for users to prioritise tasks effectively. The new Calculated Fields feature utilises data in existing fields and helps users to prioritise sales opportunities based on calculated thresholds, deal value, or commissions.

The Calculated Fields feature extends beyond prioritising to help businesses develop insightful customer IQ. Act v16 puts your data to work by performing calculations automatically in a field using data from other fields. Calculations can be based on age, date, percentage, dollar value, currency, and other data to help make data-driven decisions.

To see how Act v16 can help you to drive your business forward call us now on 0800 652 2423.