Act v16 Reaches End of Life

In accordance with Swiftpage Obsolescence Policy, support for Act! v16 ends in November 2016. After this date, no further service packs, hotfixes or compatibility updates will be delivered, exposing businesses to security threats and software defects. Customers are advised to upgrade to Act v18 by the end of November to benefit from preferential upgrade prices.

From November 2016 Act v16 will become obsolete, which means customers will no longer be able to purchase additional licenses or support contracts and be entitled to preferential upgrade prices or receive patches or hotfixes. Consequently, businesses which continue to use the software will become vulnerable to harmful viruses, spyware and other malicious software which can steal or damage data.

While Act v16 will continue to work after 30th September, Swiftpage will withdraw technical support for any version of Act! Premium. This doesn’t affect Act Premium customers who have moved to the new subscription model. Swiftpage Partners will continue to support customers, however with lack of up-to-date service patches, any new bugs and software defects may remain unresolved. As a result, the cost of maintaining the software is likely to rise. Added to this, Act v16 will not work with the latest Office applications, browsers and operating systems, impacting on day-to-day operations and jeopardising business growth.

To ensure Act experience remains problem free, upgrading to the latest version of Act is highly recommended. Customers who fail to upgrade by the end of November will face increased upgrade costs. To help avoid considerable costs, Act v18 offers an affordable and flexible subscription model, including instant access to innovative features and services as soon as they are available, ensuring no compatibility or obsolescence issues again.

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Until the end of November 2016, all customers who are currently using Act v16 are eligible for preferred upgrade pricing. For more information about Act v16 end-of-life policy and to discuss upgrade options, please email enquiries@xperience-group.com.