Act on Social Media for Increased Customer Engagement

According to new research, 1 in every 7 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook, with 93% of organisations now using the site for marketing purposes – proving how relevant social media is to businesses in 2012. With this increase in the use of Social Media, by prospective and current customers, and also by companies wanting to target them, then learning to utilise this platform is a must.

Mike Ramsay, Managing Director of Xperience Group commented on the latest ACT! update, saying, “Here at Xperience we understand the value of effective Social Media marketing. It’s great to see that the ACT! 2013 is giving organisations the technology to really connect with their customers, allowing more integration, with traditional marketing campaigns and social media, than ever before.”

The 25th year anniversary of Sage Act is engineered to help organisations embrace Social CRM trends for improved customer engagement. Sage Act 2013 includes social media tools aimed at supporting an organisations engagement with customers. Sage Act Social Updates enables users to view customers latest social media posts in one, centralised view. This new console facilitates quick responses to customers’ needs, with personalised sales offers and phone calls – helping to provide a clear, competitive edge.

The 2013 Sage Act update also incorporates Social Sharing, designed to make marketing campaigns more integrated extending the reach of a business’s communications. Email marketing messages can now be shared via a company’s social media sites with Sage Act 2013.

With over 4 million users worldwide, Sage Act is the best selling CRM system in the world. As a CRM solution, Sage ACT! 2013 can help a business organise their customer’s information, whilst also helping companies manage their customer relationships in a more effective manner.