Why Choose Act Cloud?

Choose Cloud deployment if you want….

  • Reduced IT resources and costs
  • Quicker return on investment (ROI)
  • Predictable, regular payments
  • Access to data anytime, anywhere
  • Free upgrades
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What's Included in Act Cloud?


Manage email marketing campaigns using Act Cloud, ensuring you get the right message, to the right people at the right time.

Act Connect

Remove the need to rekey data in from your business apps, like PayPal and Survey Monkey, with Act Connect integration capabilities.

Act Mobile

Access your Contacts, Calendar, notes and activities from your phone, ensuring no meetings are missed and information is not misplaced.

Act Premium or Premium Cloud?

Act Premium Cloud delivers the power of Act as a cloud service, hosted on your behalf, and delivered over the internet. This ‘service’ eliminates the need to install and run the application on your own servers. Therefore, Act Cloud alleviates the burden of software maintenance and support.

From £25 per user, per month get worry free CRM, including Act support, Act Cloud services, upgrades and backups.

Cloud Vs On Premise Act Cloud Brochure
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Unsure Which Version of Act is Right for You?

Act Hosting from Xperience

Act Premium Cloud from us is different – we offer both Act and Cloud expertise. We are the Act International Partner of the Year and we were the first to offer a cloud hosting option for Act, from our own datacentres, back in 2009 – even before Swiftpage themselves.

Unique to our customers is the option of a LAN (or Windows) client which enables you to work offline. This ensures minimal impact if your internet is poor. What’s more, we have our own datacentres which reside in the UK (not Europe) which means your data is subject to UK law.

Our Cloud Platform Are All Cloud Providers Equal?
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Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Your data is your business’ most valuable asset, therefore security should be a high priority. With Act Cloud on our platform you can assured your data is well cared for. Your Act software and data is stored in our UK Datacentres which are maintained to the highest standards.

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Still Unsure about Act Cloud?

On PremiseCloud
Upfront Costs for hardware, software and implementationMonthly pay as you go operational costs, including license and hardware costs, priced per user
High annual maintenance costs e.g. upgradesLow, regular monthly fee
Time taken to install and configure the solution onto a server then on to additional machinesQuick and easy to implement
Greater risk for usersRisk shared with supplier
Internal staff and infrastructure required to support itMinimal maintenance required
Success Story
“We have improved staff productivity allowing them to organise their time better. With Act they can set tasks to automatically remind them about their next activity. This will improve our customer service too, as all the information they need is now in one place, saving them time on trawling through paperwork.”
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