How do You Access Your Business Files?

Research shows that companies investing in collaboration technologies can increase productivity by as much as 400%, however, many businesses still face the challenge of locating the right information, in the most up to date format, at the right time. Added to this, the shift in the way people work, the devices they use and how they access and share information has amplified these challenges. Consequently, in order to facilitate remote working while maintaining service levels, businesses need to rethink their business systems and cater for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Ofcom’s research revealed that 60 per cent of employees conduct work-related activities outside normal hours. Nonetheless, the advent of flexible working and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has amplified data silo issues with remote staff developing their own ways of working and creating new repositories for information. This coupled with poor communication has led to greater difficulties accessing information.

The invention of the cloud has considerably changed the lives of millions of people all over the world, enabling them to work remotely and share information securely online, regardless of the location, on any device and via any available network connection. By enabling better communication and collaboration within organisations, the cloud has facilitated flexible working, at the same time eliminating data silos.

Microsoft Office 365, recognised as the number one cloud business application, enables users to ‘work from anywhere’ increasing business productivity by 42 per cent. SharePoint lies at the heart of the Office 365 productivity suite, offering a real-time document management solution providing continual access to data. Added to this, SharePoint stays always up-to-date, synchronising files across devices in order to give users access to the latest versions of files, both online and offline.

Microsoft Office 365 recognises that the modern workplace is changing at a rapid pace, demanding access to information at the click of a button from anywhere and on any device. Consequently, businesses are increasingly embracing Office 365 to improve productivity and remain agile.

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