AccessPay - A Secure Payment Automation Platform

Connecting Business Systems to Banks Securely

AccessPay - A Secure Payment Automation Platform

Connecting Business Systems to Banks Securely

A secure solution with AccessPay

AccessPay provides a secure digital connection to over 16,000 banks and payment schemes worldwide. The platform is used by thousands of companies, banks and other FinTechs to automate their payments, collections, and treasury processes.

The integrated solution connects back-office systems to your banking estate making your finance function a more efficient, more secure, end-to-end operation.

AccessPay has a range of security tools to reduce the risk of fraud, as payments flow from your finance and or payroll system, through the platform to banks or payment schemes.

The intuitive platform makes the processes more secure as:

  • Automation eliminates manual keying and the human error risk this poses.
  • PGP encryption and multi factor authentication add-ons mean that your data can’t be manipulated, infected with viruses or sold for profit.
  • It is ‘file agnostic’ so it’s easy to integrate with your ERP, TMS or Payroll system
  • Enhanced workflows and approvals for your Payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable provide true separation of duties and visibility.
  • The AccessPay platform can serve as your central payments hub, connecting disparate back office systems and making sure payments arrive safely to beneficiary banks

This solution will free up 10-30% of your finance team’s resource, tens of millions of working capital and will drastically reduce finance costs each year.

Forward-thinking leaders at ITV, Amnesty International UK and Imperial College London are already using this next generation automated banking technology.

What are the main security risks when handling payments?

With cyber-crime rising it’s more important than ever to make your payment processes more secure.

AccessPay is changing the way corporate and enterprise banking works by making payments and cash management more integrated, intelligent and secure. Founded in 2012, the platform allows hundreds of corporate clients to submit and receive payment files through one single platform, with extra security modules to protect your data. And they are a trusted partner of Xperience.

The use of disparate back office systems and applications across the finance function can create unnecessary complexity, risk and inefficiency. By connecting these systems, The AccessPay platform empowers finance and treasury professionals to achieve their goals.

The AccessPay Factor

Watch the video below to find out how AccessPay helps the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster automate their payroll and other finance functions.

“It’s not just doing Bacs payments, it’s doing Faster Payments, international payments, SEPA payments. It just seemed like a really straightforward change for us.”

Karen Fagan, Head of Treasury Operations, ITV


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