Act! A partner you can trust

Leveraging the power of Act! to fuel business growth

Act! A partner you can trust

Leveraging the power of Act! to fuel business growth

About Act!

Act! is a leading cloud-enabled CRM and marketing automation platform aimed at helping small and midsized businesses drive customer acquisition and retention.

Millions of customers, in over 100 countries are trusting Act! to run and grow their business. T, Act! Growth Suite, their latest offering, provides businesses with a rich CRM and marketing automation functionality, no matter where they are on their growth journey.

At Xperience, we have won the #1 Act! International Business Partner of the Year award since 2002, recognising our commitment to leveraging the power of Act! Growth Suite for business success. We are one of just 4 UK partners to receive the Diamond Partner status, proving our expertise and a 19 year track record as a CRM provider.

Act! Solutions

This is a full-featured customer relationship management solution allowing you to record customer details, emails, documents and notes, manage sales pipeline for better forecasting, with reports available at the click of a button. Act Marketing Automation can be added as an add-on to help you optimise your marketing efforts, maximise engagement and drive business growth.

Available as a cloud deployment with Act CRM included as standard, Act! Growth suite is designed to help you automate marketing campaigns and sales activities to increase revenue and maximise efficiency. It’s reach functionality will enable you to manage lead capture and scoring for quicker wins.

Explore Act!

Act! is trusted by millions of businesses worldwide. Download the brochure below to find out how this CRM and Marketing Automation platform can take your business to the new level.

See how we helped businesses to drive efficiency with Act

“With the integration we were able to eliminate the double-entry of customer information, which helped us clean up our data and make it reliable. We have already identified that 8% of our active customers were not entered on our old CRM, so were never marketed to. Altogether we reduced the time-consuming administration processes, saving around 40% time for every new record we setup.”

Tim Holyomes


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For Auger Torque, having a global collaborative team is hugely reducing the R&D time, getting the right product to market faster and stopping us wasting time. With the new optimised process the’re keeping momentum and getting the buy-in from everybody, ensuring all teams have insight into the design, replacing the linear process we had before. “

Alistair Brydon

Auger Torque,

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“The biggest benefit of Xperience Support for me personally is that it’s freed me to get on with the running of the business. I used to be tied up with all manner of time-consuming IT tasks. Now, I simply ring the guys at Xperience and say: ‘I need this doing, can you do it?’ And I know I can just forget about it, it’s no longer my problem.”

Iain Caville

Measurement Solutions

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