A Sneak Peek at Sage 200 2017

Due for release this summer, Sage 200 2017 will streamline your financial processes, for improved productivity and time savings. Here we look at how the forthcoming release could benefit your business…

Sage 200 version 2017 will make your time-consuming tasks even easier to manage, introducing the most requested features for productivity and efficiency gains. From the new Invoicing module to a web based Purchase Requisition system, the new edition will help you ensure efficiency and quality across all processes.

Here is what you can expect from Sage 200 2017…

Speed up your invoicing

With the new Invoicing module you can create invoices without the need to first create an order via the Sales Order Processing module. You will be able to include stock items* and use free text lines as well as print the invoices directly, without going through the process of allocating and dispatching stock.

Create non-stock items

Create a new type of non-stock Sales Order Items (SOP) items and add them to an invoice, without the need for stock to be held against them. This means items will not need to be ordered or tracked through the system as with a regular stock item.

Customise reports quickly and easily

Sage 200 2017 will introduce 20 new analysis fields to use directly on the Nominal Ledger, allowing very flexible reporting and analysis. This is a big improvement as previous versions do not have this functionality in the Nominal Ledger (General Ledger).

Hide inactive accounts

To keep your accounts tidy and easy to manage, you will be able to mark your old and unused customer, supplier and product records as ‘inactive’, without deleting them. They will be then hidden from selection lists and drop downs, but retained for historical reporting.

Monitor the status of sales orders

Sage 200 previously only displayed two order statuses of ‘Live’ or ‘Complete’, which meant information on the status of dispatch or stock allocation was not available. In Sage 200 2017 this will be resolved with the introduction of part allocated/part dispatched statuses.

Place stock orders via the web

With a new web based Purchase Requisition system, you will be able to place a stock order, without knowing the part number, supplier or the nominal code. This will be possible by simply describing the product in the free text form provided. The orders can be split under several Nominal Ledger budgets (budget holders or departments).

Make corrections easily

You will now be able to easily correct errors without the need to create a reverse entry. This new feature will not delete transactions, retaining a full audit trail of corrections made.

Use batch invoicing for efficiency gains

In this release, you will be able to enter a pile of invoices into a single grid similar to a spreadsheet, and then save them in one batch.  This will speed up entry of invoices and credits to both the Sales and Purchase Ledgers.

*For Commercial users only