5 Technology Trends in 2014 Changing Businesses Forever

This year we have seen technological advances accelerate at lightning speed, and it looks set to continue to do so. Technology is being driven forward by our need to consume anytime and anywhere with on-demand services.

You may already be a subscriber of popular on demand media streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Instant Video. These services are here to stay, as they allow viewers to consume quicker by “binge watching”. It is not just the entertainment industry that is seeing this trend. As mobile phones advance and social networking sites develop to allow people to share content quicker, it is important for businesses to have regular up-to-date content readily available for people to consume.

There are technology trends forming, that can and will shape the way we do business. Here are five to get you thinking…

  1. One technological innovation that is helping businesses advance is the introduction of social monitoring to CRM systems. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows users to manage offline relationships, while socially listening to their online community, in order to understand their audience and create a consistent customer base, recently explained by Microsoft.com: “With Microsoft Social Listening, sales, marketing and service professionals tap into social conversations to get real-time feedback on their brand, products, competitors, campaigns and issues that might be relevant to their business.”
  2. We are constantly on the move, which is why we rely on mobile technology to keep us connected. Businesses need to ensure their website is mobile-friendly since 32% of all online purchases are made with a mobile device and this number is growing each year. For help on building your mobile-friendly site, check out this guide here.
  3. Since the introduction of cloud computing, its popularity has skyrocketed. We are seeing cloud capabilities being integrated into the software we use every day, including the New Sage 50 Accounts. Just as George Lee co-head of the technology, media and telecommunications group at Goldman in an article on Business Insider said, “The most successful cloud computing application companies are the ones that are enabling us to engage with our day job the same way we engage as consumers on the internet”.
  4. Wearable technology, such as the SmartWatch and Google Glass are here, but they have a little way to go before becoming widely accepted and mainstream. This advancement again feeds the human need to stay connected, with mobile applications already beginning to remind us of business meetings, how long tasks take us, how much we procrastinate and so much more. Mobile applications will power these devices, and will connect aspects of our work, homes and lives, to make us more time-efficient, and effective by monitoring our habits.
  5. 3D printing is here. It’s new, exciting, and likely to become one of the most innovative inventions this world has ever seen. With the ability to print products from raw materials, this technology will allow us to purchase and print, cutting down manufacturing time and delivery time. It could increase a business’ productivity, and cut costs, with printers doing most of the laborious, time-consuming work, but the possibilities are still unknown. Watch this space!

Businesses need to keep up to speed. They need to be innovative, understand their audience and evolve their products to suit their customer’s needs.