3 Reasons Why A Growing Business Needs Dynamics 365 Platform

Microsoft has long been a pioneer of enterprise technology and we have welcomed their new Dynamics 365 offering with open arms. That’s grand, but while it looks good on paper, what you want to know is whether to make the change, what the benefits are and how this software will enable you to scale without the worry of changing the software you use for a streamlined transition of growth. Here is how…

365: Dynamic Not Only by Name

Microsoft are continuously developing their offering in line with the ever-evolving world of technology and have listened to the needs of their customers. It solves the issue where in the past you may have invested in a system hoping that you’ll “grow into it”. Not only does it deliver what you want when you want it but also saves you time and money….

Organic Rollout

Dynamics 365 favours the softly-softly approach as managers can pick and choose apps to add in, so rather than drowning the team in a deluge of process, choose those most willing to take the first steps and slowly build on the functionality that the wider organisation can benefit from.

Once accounting has fallen in love with their new application, it is only a matter of time before the rest of your company wants a piece of the action. This is the perfect user-adoption strategy: organic, seamless, and stress-free.

Productivity Rocks

Task-switching is one of the biggest brain-drains of the modern working world as we lose momentum when we move from application ‘A’ to software ‘B’. In fact, David Strayer, a professor of psychology at the University of Utah, conducted a study that saw task-switching results in the following:

  • A 40% drop in productivity.
  • An average loss of 25 minutes each time an employee switches.
  • An estimated cost of £320 billion due to lost productivity.
  • Temporary lower IQ by up to 15 points. That’s right, it’s literally making us dumber.

By combining CRM, projects, sales, support, and billing in one business management software, the issue of app switching and its accompanying productivity costs become obsolete.

‘Appy Days

Microsoft AppSource is the one-stop-shop for trialling and purchasing apps and add-ons that supplement the Dynamics 365 platform. Need additional accounting features? Click into the store, see which service takes your fancy.

No complex conversations with untrustworthy vendors or incomprehensible product sheets. Just a transparent ecosystem where you can view every available app and decide what suits your needs.

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