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We have been around since 1969, providing IT solutions to businesses. In our time the industry has transformed dramatically, but so have we! We are constantly evolving and pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and embrace new technologies, ensuring we can better serve our customers.

As our business has evolved we have diversified a little, and we now focus on four core IT disciplines: IT Infrastructure, Cloud, Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning software and CRM software.

We're working hard (and thinking harder)

We work really hard to make our customers happy. We believe in delivering exceptional customer experiences, and developing lasting relationships with the businesses we serve.

Central to this is our people, people are at the centre of everything we do and our actions are driven by our core values;

We are Xperience Group

Naturally, excellence comes as standard...

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"Reporting's been speeded up considerably. Also the ability to drill down into detailed transactions is a lot faster."

Paul Brown, Financial Controller and Xperience Customer